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There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to selling your home, which is why Regal Realty International is chosen time and time again as the best real estate brokerage in Gainesville, FL that will help you find the best solution for you to sell your home.

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We believe in supporting our local community. Central Florida is the most incredible place to call home … and our goal is to help everyone experience that.

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About Matt

Florida native. Gator alumnus. Real estate professional. Matt recognizes and values his clients’ trust, and he strives to exceed their expectations. 


After naval service and college, Matt became a community specialist helping veterans obtain housing. He brings the same discipline and dedication to his role as a premier real estate professional.


When he’s not busy helping clients, he enjoys spending time with his wife Jessica and their two dogs, Remus and Daphne.


From studying centuries of tradition and being dedicated to innovation in luxury real estate, We offer transformative experiences through a global network of exceptional agents that help us sell your home fast, no matter where it is located.

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Are you ready to move to Gainesville Florida? When searching for homes for sale in Gainesville, FL, use the best real estate agent in Florida to stay updated on new homes and property listings. Regal Realty International has the top agents.

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Be part of the #1 real estate brokerage in Florida that is dedicated to your success. We have the best real estate agents in Gainesville who will provide you with training, leads, and support. Our brokerage is designed to make you succeed.

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